22 free printable dog birthday cards

22 free printable dog birthday cards
Pinnable image for free printable dog cards

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You know that stereotype about the “crazy cat lady”? Yeah, well, that’s me…except with dogs. I love dogs. If I’m not at a dog show or watching dog videos, I can usually be found kneeling in front of a dog tied up outside of a shop, desperately trying to make friends.

In honour of this unhealthy obsession with love for dogs, I thought I’d make some dog-themed printables. After a bit of initial umming and ahhhing, I decided to make some free printable dog-themed birthday cards.

There are 22 dog happy birthday cards in total. I have made cards with the following breeds: Airedale terrier, Bernese Mountain Dog, Border Collie, Boxer, Bull Terrier, Chihuahua, Chow Chow, Corgi, Dachshund, Dalmation, French Bulldog, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Jack Russell, Labrador, Pomeranian, Poodle, Pug, Scottish Terrier, Shiba Inu, Shih-Tzu, and Tibetan Mastiff. If the breed you’re looking for isn’t on this list, let me know in the comments below. I’ll do my best to make it for you!

Once I finished making these printable birthday cards, I started wondering what sort of gifts they would pair well with. So I decided to do some online window shopping serious research to find some breed-specific gifts.

And guys.

There are so many cute, affordable dog themed gifts.

I mean, dog-patterned socks?


So I can justify how embarrassingly long I spent looking at dog-related gifts, I’ve included some links to some of my favourite ones below (most are under $15). I hope they help you find the perfect gift for the dog lover in your life.

Free printable dog happy birthday cards

Picture of the chihuahua card, displayed on a piece of cut log next to an envelope with a wax seal


  • These birthday cards are designed to be printed on A4/Letter paper. I would recommend something a little sturdier than standard printer paper, such as 200+gsm white card.
  • Each PDF has a line marking where you should cut and fold the card. No complicated assembly required!
  • The card can be scaled in your printer settings if you need a smaller card (to fit a particular envelope, for example).
Free printable birthday card. Featuring an Airedale terrier, this free printable card is a great way to wish the dog lover in your life a happy birthday! #freeprintable #freeprintablebirthdaycard #dogbirthdaycard

Airedale terrier

Click to download Airedale Terrier birthday card

Cute airedale terrier gift ideas:

These super cool Airedale Terrier socks 

Airedale eco tote bag

Airedale terrier soft toy because who really grows out of soft toys?

Free printable birthday card. Featuring a Bernese mountain dog, this free printable card is a great way to wish the dog lover in your life a happy birthday! #freeprintable #freeprintablebirthdaycard #dogbirthdaycard

Bernese mountain dog

Click to download Bernese Mountain Dog birthday card

Cute Bernese Mountain Dog gift ideas:

This huggable Bernese Mountain Dog plushie.

Because no one can ever have too many socks, these Bernese Mountain Dog socks.

Free printable Boxer birthday card


Click to download Boxer card

Cute boxer gift ideas:

Grey Boxer socks, so even your feet can express your dog obsession.

Boxer soft toy.

Boxer head shaped pillow (because who doesn’t need a boxer’s head for a pillow?)

Bull terrier free printable birthday card

Bull terrier

Click to download Bull Terrier card

Cute bull terrier gift ideas:

An absolutely adorable, 21″ bull terrier huggable plush. It took a fair bit of willpower for me not to buy this. Yellow bull terrier luggage tags Beautiful bull terrier eco tote bag
Chihuahua birthday card, displayed on brown paper envelope


Click to download Chihuahua card

Cute chihuahua gifts:

Chihuahua shaped slippers, because why the heck not?

Chihuahua stud earrings

A soft plush Chihuahua pencil case. This kinda makes me wish I was still in school so I’d have an excuse to buy it.

Chow chow free printable birthday card

Chow Chow

Click to download Chow Chow card

Cute chow chow gift ideas:

A little chow chow plush toy.

Tiny chow necklace.

Knee-high Chow Chow socks. They’re pink!

Corgi free printable happy birthday card


Click to download Corgi card

Cute corgi gift ideas:

A corgi butt pillow (because who doesn’t need a corgi butt pillow?)

Corgi slippers.

Corgi socks. The corgi is wearing a bandana. I mean, how can you not?

Dachshund free printable happy birthday card


Click to download the Dachshund card

Cute dachshund gifts:

A dachshund scarf.

Dachshund cosmetics case.

A deliberately ugly dachshund Christmas sweater. It’s ironic, guys.

French bulldog free printable birthday card

French bulldog

Download French Bulldog card

Cute French Bulldog gifts:

A French Bulldog jewellery dish.

A set of four French Bulldog cushions (in case one just wasn’t enough).

A French Bulldog sterling silver ring.

German shepherd free printable birthday card

German Shepherd

Click to download German Shepherd card

Cute German shepherd gifts:

A cute peek-a-boo shirt, with a little german shepherd peeking out from the breast pocket

A German shepherd mug that celebrates your love for the breed and your disdain for humanity

A German shepherd door mat.

Golden retriever free printable birthday card

Golden retriever

Click to download Golden Retriever card

Goldie-themed gifts:

Golden retriever slippers (if your goldie eats these, I’m pretty sure it counts as cannibalism)

A funny mug that pays homage to the infamous goldie shedding.

Golden retriever hand towels.

Jack russell free printable birthday card

Jack russell

Click to download Jack Russell card

Jack russell gifts:

Jack Russell shower curtain.

Gorgeous Jack Russell bookends, perfect for a fancy study or home office.

A tote bag with a super cool, sunglasses-wearing Jack Russell.

Labrador birthday card free printable


Click to download Labrador card

Labrador gift ideas:

Labrador scarf.

A super adorable Labrador plush toy.

Silver Labrador stud earrings.

Free printable happy birthday card with pomeranian dog


Click to download poodle card

Poodle gift ideas:

A sweet little poodle trinket box.

A poodle phone ring. Practical and cute.

Poodle socks.

Picture of pug version of birthday card, displayed on brown paper envelope


Click to download Pug card

Pug gift ideas:

A cushion shaped like a pug head (because, honestly, yes).

A pug needle felting kit, so you have everything you need to needle felt your own cute pug.

Awesome pug socks.


Scottish terrier free printable birthday card

Scottish terrier

Click to download Scottish Terrier card

Scottish Terrier gifts:

Kissing black and white Scottish terrier salt and pepper shakers.

A super pretty Scotty dog umbrella.

Scottish terrier tote bag.



Shiba inu free printable birthday card

Shiba Inu

Click to download shiba inu card

Cute Shiba Inu themed gifts:

A very, very cute Shiba Inu plush toy.

A set of four Shiba Inu socks.

A Shibu Inu doorstop.

Shih-tzu birthday card, displayed on brown paper envelope


Click to download Shih-Tzu card

Shih-tzu gift ideas:

A sweet Shih-Tzu tote bag.

Some lightweight cotton grey socks.

A simple, minimalist Shih-Tzu mug.


Tibetan mastiff birthday card displayed on brown envelope

Tibetan mastiff

Click to download Tibetan Mastiff card

Tibetan Mastiff gift ideas:

Tibetan Mastiff dog mom tshirt.

Tibetan Mastiff soft toy.

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Pinnable image for free printable dog happy birthday cards post Credits: The dog illustrations are by rawpixel @freepik.com

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