DIY farmhouse lavender wreath

DIY farmhouse lavender wreath

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Over the last few months my lavender plant has been looking like a wilted, flowerless mess. I honestly thought it had died but I kept putting off uprooting it, both because I’m lazy and because I didn’t really want to admit that my brown thumb had killed yet another plant.


It turns out that I’m not a brown thumb.

(Well, not as much of a brown thumb.)

I’m just an idiot who didn’t know that lavender can go dormant during the colder months.

So you can imagine my surprise and excitement when, last week, my lavender plant sprang back to life in a dazzling display of rich purple flowers.

To show off these gorgeous flowers (and, apparently, my new-found ability to keep a plant alive), I decided to make a DIY farmhouse lavender wreath!

Make your own DIY farmhouse lavender wreath

To make your own DIY farmhouse lavender wreath, you will need:

Step 1: Prepare and trim your flowers and greenery

Whenever I’m using real flowers and greenery for a project, I like to begin by removing any dead/bug-bitten/droopy leaves and giving all of the stems a quick trim.

Photo of a person using scissors to trim lavender stems

Taking the time to trim your flowers before you start work is useful for two reasons. Firstly, it makes the process of making a wreath quicker as you don’t need to constantly stop to trim rouge branches. Secondly, using neat greenery and flowers results in a much prettier wreath!

Step 2: Create your ‘base layer’ of greenery

I like to create a ‘base layer’ of greenery for most of my wreaths. This helps achieve a nice full wreath by reducing gaps.

To create a base layer of greenery, grab a single stem of your greenery. Wrap some floral wire around the base of the stem. Then, using the same piece of floral wire, secure your stem to your wreath frame by wrapping the floral wire around one of the grapevines a few times. Repeat at the top of your greenery.

Photo of a hand using floral wire to attach greenery to a grapevine wreath form

Repeat with a few more stems until you have something that looks like this:

Photo of wreath with a base layer of greenery added

When you’ve finished, use pliers or strong scissors to snip any excess floral wire off.

Step 3: Add bunches of greenery

Once your base layer is complete, you can begin adding small bunches of greenery to your wreath.

To create a bunch of greenery, wrap floral wire around the base of several stems, like so:

Photo of a hand holding a bunch of greenery wrapped at the base with floral wire

Using the same piece of floral wire that you used to wrap your stems, secure your greenery to your wreath by wrapping the floral wire around a grapevine several times. Repeat until you have a nice, full wreath, like so:

Photo of a grapevine wreath with greenery added

Step 4: Add your lavender and cherry blossom stems

Now for the ‘main event’: adding the lavender to the wreath!

Wrap floral wire around the base of the stems several times, then attach the lavender to the wreath by wrapping the same piece of floral wire around one of the grapevines.

Photo of a hand adding lavender to the diy farmhouse lavender wreath

Repeat with as many bunches of lavender as your little heart desires.

(This is where my neighbour walked past right as I was taking a big sniff of the lavender. Certified crazy woman!)

Once you’ve added all of your lavender, add your single cherry blossom stems. You can do this one of two ways. The first way is to simply wrap the stem and secure it to the wreath with floral wire, as you’ve done for the greenery and lavender. The second way is to just slot the stem inside a pre-existing bit of wire.

Photo of a hand adding white cherry blossoms to the diy farmhouse lavender wreath

Step 5: Add your bows

Due to design of this lavender wreath, there’s an unavoidable ugly bit in the middle. I decided to cover this up with a bit of ribbon and a pretty burlap bow. You could really cover it with whatever you like, but I personally love the rustic, farmhouse vibe a little burlap gives a wreath!

I added the ribbon first, securing it with a tight knot:

Photo of the wreath with a white ribbon tied around the middle

Then, I added a burlap bow over the top.

Photo of the diy farmhouse lavender wreath with a burlap bow tied to the side

I did a goof and forgot to take pictures to show you how to tie a nice burlap bow. As such, you’ll have to settle for a poorly drawn diagram.  I told you my handwriting was atrocious.


Once your bow is tied, your lavender wreath is finished!

Picture of a lavender wreath with a burlap bow

Zoomed in photo of lavender and burlap wreath

Photo of the DIY farmhouse wreath displayed on an old window
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How are you decorating for spring this year? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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