A DIY large spring wreath you can make in less than an hour!

A DIY large spring wreath you can make in less than an hour!

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It’s currently winter here in the southern hemisphere. While I do love the “hide under a blanket drinking hot chocolate while stuffing your face with comfort food” aspect of the season, by mid-winter I really start to miss the flowers of spring and summer. As such, winter usually signals a sudden obsession with decorating the entire house with artificial flowers. So when I stumbled across some old metal rings tossed out on the side of the road, inspiration for this DIY large spring wreath hit immediately.

This spring wreath is really easy. If you can tie a knot, you can make this wreath. It’s also a nice quick project. It took me less than 60 minutes to make (which is, incidentally, just enough time to judgementally binge-watch three episodes of House Hunters).

Close up of completed DIY spring wreath - Lavender and greenery

How to make a DIY large spring wreath

To make this simple spring wreath you will need:

Step 1: Apply your ‘base’ layer greenery

To begin, remove any excess stems from your artificial plants. It’s good to leave a little bit of stem to tie your greenery to your wreath, but excess will just get in your way.

Snipping off excess artificial flower stem with pliers

Once you have trimmed your greenery, use floral wire to tie your ‘base layer’ of greenery to your wreath form. If you are using large stems or branches, it’s best to secure them in a few different spots, if not for any reason other than this stops them dropping over time.

First layer of eucalyptus leaves for wreath

Step 2: Layer greenery on to your wreath

Once your base layer is attached, continue adding layers of greenery to your wreath.

Layering different types of greenery over the wreath

There is no hard and fast rule to layering “correctly”. I found it easiest just to test a few different looks by resting my artificial plants on top of each other in different orders.

Photo of the DIY wreath with three layers of greenery

Make sure you save a small amount of greenery. You’ll want this to cover any visible wire/stems after all of your plants have been applied to your wreath frame.

Step 3: Add flowers to your spring wreath

A spring wreath isn’t a spring wreath without flowers!

I decided to use lavender. I wanted to hang the wreath above the bed and the purple hues of lavender match the purple sheets. Plus, lavender is definitely in my top ten flowers because, uh, have you ever smelt the darn thing!?


Use floral wire to attach your flowers to your wreath. If your flowers are heavy or very long, I would recommend tying them to the frame in at least two spots.

Attaching lavender to DIY large spring wreath

Step 4: Hide floral wire/stems with additional greenery

By now your wreath should start to look full and beautiful. At this stage, you’ll likely notice that you have something like this in the middle of your wreath:

Visible artificial stems looking ugly on DIY large spring wreath


To cover this up, grab your remaining greenery and cut small bits off. Tie to your frame in such a way that these stems are hidden.

Covering visible stems on wreath

Step 5: Add a pretty burlap bow to your spring wreath (optional)

This step isn’t really necessary but I do love me some burlap. I use a particular method to get nice full bows on my craft projects. Here is a terrible diagram I drew (apologies). The basic idea is that you use one piece of burlap to create the bow, then another to make the middle of the bow look better/to give the bow additional tails.

Burlap bow tied to middle of DIY wreath to cover remaining visible stems

Using second strip of burlap to finalise wreath bow

Snip the ends of your burlap to your desired shape. I like to use diagonal cuts on burlap I’ve picked up from the hardware store – this seems to minimise fraying/burlap dropping everywhere.

Complete! (Yippee)

Front-on photo of finished DIY large spring wreath

DIY large spring wreath in bedroom

After realising how quick and easy oversized wreaths can be, I’m totally going to be making more.

If you made your own DIY large spring wreath, or were inspired by this post to create something similar, I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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Learn how to make an easy DIY spring wreath in under 60 minutes. This simple wreath tutorial shows you how to make a wreath using artificial lavender and true blue eucalyptus leaves. This oversize wreath would look great as part of farmhouse home décor, as a decorative piece for your front door, or incorporated into rustic or outdoor DIY wedding decorations. #diywreath #easydiywreath #diyspringwreath #oversizedwreathdiy #lavenderwreathdiy


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