15 minute easy DIY Halloween branch jar!

15 minute easy DIY Halloween branch jar!

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After finishing my last minute rustic Halloween twig wreath, I had quite a few fake bats and twigs left over. Rather than let them go to waste, I decided to make another last minute Halloween decoration.

I mean, who doesn’t need a bunch of last minute Halloween decorating ideas to fall back on when they forget the holiday?.

After a bit of experimentation, I came up with this creepy Halloween branch jar that can be made in under 15 minutes!

How to make your own cheap & easy DIY Halloween jar

To make your rustic Halloween jar, you will need:

Step 1: Assemble your jar

The first step in making your creepy DIY Halloween jar is to arrange your branches in the jar.

Begin by putting a few pinecones at the bottom of the jar. Three or four small pinecones should be enough. You don’t want to completely cover the bottom of the jar, as then you’ll have trouble getting your branches in.

Once your pinecones are in your jar, add your branches. There’s no real hard and fast rule about how best to do this – just shuffle them around until you get a look you personally like.

Picture of branches and pinecones in a jar, the base for the DIY Halloween branch jar

Step 2: Add bats and spiders to your DIY Halloween jar

Once the branches are in, the next step is to add your bats and spiders.

Using clear string, tie a knot around your bats and spiders. Clear string tends to be kind of slippery, so you might need to tie two or three tight knots around each bat/spider to ensure they stay tied.

Picture of a hand using clear string to tie a knot around a bat

Next, tie each bat/spider to a branch in your jar. Snip off excess thread as you go.

Picture of bats and spiders tied to the jar

Step 3:  Add twinkle lights to your DIY Halloween decoration

The second last step in creating your own rustic Halloween jar is to add some pretty twinkle lights.

Can I just pause to say that this is probably my favourite part of the project? Because, damn, I do love twinkle lights!

Grab some twinkle lights. For your Halloween jar, I recommend using lights that are strung up on bendable wire, like these, as the bendable wire makes it way easier to get the lights exactly where you want them.

Weave your lights in and around all of your branches, looping them around some branches to help them stay in position. I find it helps to do this step with the lights switched on, as it’s much easier to see which areas need more or less lights this way.

Picture of hands stringing twinkle lights to the branches of the DIY Halloween jar

Step 4: Add cobwebs to your rustic Halloween vase

The final step is adding fake cobwebs (like these) to your jar. Stretch the cobwebs out, then drape them on and around all of the twigs. If you like, you can keep the lights on during this step as well to make sure none of the web obstructs the view.

Picture of hands adding fake cobwebs to the DIY Halloween jar


And with that, your easy DIY Halloween jar is complete!

Picture of the completed Halloween jar

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Last minute Halloween decorations: 15 minute DIY Halloween jar! Make your own Halloween decorations with this cheap and easy DIY Halloween décor tutorial. This cheap and easy Halloween jar, featuring bats, cobwebs, and spiders, is a pretty Halloween decoration that serves as the perfect addition to rustic, farmhouse, or neutral Halloween décor. #farmhousehalloweendecor #primitivehalloweendecor #cheapdiyhalloweendecorations

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