How to make a pretty no-sew removable cushion cover

How to make a pretty no-sew removable cushion cover
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After having some success making no-sew farmhouse curtains and no-sew cafe curtains, I was feeling pretty confident in my ability to make soft furnishings without sewing. So confident, in fact, that I decided I could totally make a no-sew removable cushion cover. Without planning anything out.

Yeah, you might see where this is going.

Complete disaster.

My first no-sew cushion cover literally fell apart when I went to put it on the cushion.


While I was initially disappointed, I wasn’t about to give up that easily. I planned out a different approach and gave it a second try. And I’m super happy to say that it worked!

The second time around, I managed to make a super cute farmhouse-style cushion cover without any sewing. Better still, the entire process took less than 30 minutes!

So today I’d love to share with you how to make your very own cushion cover without sewing!

Make your own no-sew removable cushion cover

Supplies list:

To make a no-sew removable cushion cover, you will need:

  • Two squares of fabric in a style of your choosing. The amount of fabric depends on the size of your cushion insert. See below for calculations
  • Sewing scissors.
  • Iron-on adhesive/hemming tape. This stuff is honestly A M A Z I N G for people who hate sewing. I used Heat n’ Bond Ultrahold and strongly recommend you use this brand or one of similar quality. One of the reasons my first no-sew cushion failed was because I used cheap tape that didn’t hold.
  • Stick on velcro.
  • An iron.
  • Any bits and bobs you want to use to decorate your cushion cover. I used four buttons and some jute rope.

Fabric calculations

The amount of fabric you need for your no-sew cushion cover depends on the size of your cushion insert.

Measure your cushion insert (width and length). Then, add four inches to the length and width measurements. You will need two squares of fabric that size.

To provide an example, my cushion insert was 16 inches by 16 inches. I added 4 inches to the width and length. This gave me a size of 20 inches by 20 inches. As such, I needed two 20 x 20 squares of fabric for my no-sew removable cushion cover.

Step 1: Attach iron-adhesive to three sides

To begin making your no-sew removable cushion cover, lay one of your fabric squares on a flat surface with the patterned side facing up.

Iron a strip of the magical, awesome iron-on adhesive to three sides of the square: The bottom side, the left side, and the right side.

Picture of fusible tape ironed on to three edges of the no-sew cushion cover

Diagram showing where to sew the fusible tape on the no-sew removable cushion cover

Do not remove the backing tape from the iron-on adhesive at this stage.

Step 2: Hem the top edges

Flip your fabric over so that the back of the fabric is facing you.

Iron a strip of iron-on adhesive to the top edge of your fabric square.

Picture of fusible tape being pressed to back of no-sew cushion cover

Grab your second square of fabric and do the same, so that you have two squares of fabric that look like this:

Diagram showing hem being created on top edge of no-sew cushion cover

Then, peel the protective backing off your iron on adhesive. Fold your fabric over and iron to create a hem, like so:

Picture of an iron being used to create a hemmed edge for the no-sew cushion cover

Repeat with your second square of fabric so that you have created two squares with a hemmed top.

Step 3: Fuse your no-sew removable cushion cover together

At this stage, you will have:

  • One square of fabric with iron-on adhesive on three sides and a hemmed top. Let’s call this the bottom layer.
  • One square of fabric with a hemmed top. Let’s call this the top layer.

Lay the bottom layer flat with the pattern facing up. Remove the backing tape attached to the iron-on adhesive on the three sides (the bottom, the left, and the right).

Grab the top layer. Position it so that the pattern is facing down. Line the top layer up with the bottom layer.

Diagram showing how you fuse the two squares of fabric together to make a cushion

Use your iron to press around the three edges with iron-on adhesive (the bottom, right, and left). Pay particular attention to the corners, as these need to be fused securely for your cushion to stay together.

Once you have fused the three edges, you will have something that looks like a fabric pocket:

Picture of the fabric pocket

Step 4: Attach your velcro

Remember those velcro shoes that were super cool in the 90s? Well, this is basically the cushion version of them. This means you can use your cushion, on conjunction with your frosted tips and well-loved neopet, to impress the ladies.

Attach some stick-on velcro to the two hemmed top edges, like so:

Picture of a hand attaching stick-on velcro strip to the no-sew removable cushion cover

These two strips of velcro allow you to open and close your cushion cover. This makes it easy to remove the cushion insert whenever you want to wash the cover, rather than having to put the entire cushion into the machine.

Once you’ve attached your velcro, the construction phase of your no-sew removable cushion cover is complete!

Step 5 (optional): Add decorations

This step is optional, but so much fun! I decided to add buttons and some jute rope to my cushion to give it a real farmhouse vibe.

As I had run out of glue sticks for my hot glue gun, I cheated a teeny bit on the ‘no-sew’ front by hand-sewing my buttons and jute rope on with a needle and thread. If you’re allergic to sewing even single stitches (I do not blame you in the slightest), you can use a hot glue gun to attach your decorations.

If you want to emulate this exact look, here’s a diagram of where you need to sew the jute rope and buttons:


Once you’ve decorated your cushion to your liking, your no-sew removable cushion cover is complete!

Completed farmhouse-style cushion cover, striped blue with decorative buttons and jute bows

I definitely spent a good twenty minutes curled up on the couch, hugging my new cushion like some sort of cushion-obsessed lunatic.

Close up of no-sew cushion cover jute rope bows

I love how the little bows turned out. I’m a sucker for bows.

Have you made any no-sew projects lately? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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Easy no-sew cushion cover pinnable image


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