Free printable laundry symbols wall art

Free printable laundry symbols wall art

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I’ll be honest with you: Until I sat down to make this printable, I had absolutely no idea what most of the laundry symbols on my clothes meant. Whenever I came across an unfamiliar laundry symbol on a new item of clothing, one of two things would happen. I either had to stop to google what the symbol meant or, more frequently (see: most of the time), I would just toss the clothing in the machine and hope for the best. Though my lazy self favoured the latter approach, wool clothes really did not. Shrunken garments everywhere. Yikes.

To cater to both my own unwillingness to google and my terrible memory, I thought I should probably have some sort of chart in my laundry that had both the symbols and a ‘translation’ underneath. That way, if I forgot the meaning of a particular symbol, I could just glance up at the chart to double check.

So I created this laundry symbol wall art in InDesign and popped the finished product up on my laundry wall, right near the laundry shelves I made from an upcycled drawer.

And guys.

Laundry is so much easier. No more guessing. No more looking for my phone to google ‘what the heck is that little circle dude on my clothing tag’. No more shrunken jumpers.

So today I’m going to share with you this free printable laundry symbols wall art. Print it out, pop it on your laundry wall, and impress your friends and family with your stellar laundry symbol knowledge (okay…maybe they won’t be impressed, but I’ll be impressed).

Free printable laundry symbols wall art

Close up of free printable laundry symbols

This free printable laundry symbols wall art comes in multiple sizes including A4, A3, Letter, 8 x 10, and 16 x 20. Just choose a size to match your frame and hit print!

If you’re looking for a frame to put this printable in (I know I’m always running out of frames), I’ve found a few options that are particularly well suited to farmhouse style. There are these 8 x 10 rustic barnwood frames, this elegant, affordable 16 x 20 black frame, this 100% reclaimed wood 16 x 20 frame, and this super cheap A4 black frame.

Close up of laundry printable art

Click here to download your free laundry symbol printable

Clicking the above link will automatically download a .zip folder containing all sizes of the printable. To open .zip files on Windows, press and hold (or right-click) the folder, selectExtract All, and then follow the instructions. On Mac, double click the .zip file and the folder will be unzipped automatically.

Pinnable image for free laundry symbol printable

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  1. This is awesome. Thanks.

    1. You’re most welcome!

  2. I love this print! So perfect for my laundry room, but I’m nervous to print this because the text is kind of fuzzy on the preview screen in Office Depot. I’m trying to print the 16×20 size, but am nervous it isn’t going to print crisp and clear. Any suggestions? You can personally email me back if that’s better. Thanks!

    1. Hi Emily. I’m sorry to hear the preview at Office Depot is coming up kind of fuzzy, that sounds frustrating for you!

      I went and checked a few things for you. I looked at the 16 x 20 PDF at full size on my retina display and it’s crisp and clear. I then went and checked the original InDesign for you, just to make sure the settings were correct for a high quality print, and it appears crisp there as well.

      I unfortunately don’t know what sort of printing software Office Depot uses. It may just be an issue with their software not rendering the preview properly. I’ve had this happen at a printing store here in Australia. What I’ll do is make you a copy of the print at 32 x 40 (double size). You could then take both copies to Office Depot and see if one works better than the other 🙂

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