Free printable neutral Halloween bunting

Free printable neutral Halloween bunting

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Would you believe me if I told you that this is my first year celebrating Halloween? See, I grew up in a household that did not view Halloween…favourably. On my dad’s side, any mention of Halloween was met with a long rant about how we’re “not American” (no one tell him Halloween isn’t an American-only holiday!). On my mum’s side, Halloween was associated with the devil and thus conflicted with her religious beliefs (fair enough). Combined, this meant no spooky costumes, no trick-or-treating, no scary movie marathons, and no Halloween decorations.

As a kid obsessed with all things magical, the anti-Halloween sentiment disappointed me. Child-me swore that the moment I moved out of home, I’d jump right on the Halloween bandwagon. What child-me didn’t realise was that adult-me would be terrible at remembering that Halloween was a thing.

So terrible, in fact, that it’s taken me eight years since moving out of home to remember the holiday exists before the 31st of October.

But this year I actually remembered Halloween was a thing in late September. A whole month early! So for the past two weeks I’ve been going a little Halloween-mad with my decorations. I raided the local craft store for Halloween supplies (why didn’t anyone tell me fake spider web was so fun to play with?). I’ve crafted some easy no-sew pumpkins. I’ve designed some creepy vintage free printable Halloween wall art. Child-me is almost uncontrollably excited.

In honour of my first ever Halloween, today I’d like to share with you a free printable Halloween bunting. The bunting features a simple serif font and is accented by hand-drawn pumpkins and leaves for a real autumn feel.

I hope you enjoy this free printable Halloween bunting find a fun use for it in your lovely home!

*Spooky ghost noises*

Free printable Halloween bunting

Picture of the free printable Halloween bunting displayed on a chalkboard surrounded by spider web, pumpkins, and dried wheat

Click here to download your free Halloween bunting (Letter)

Click here to download your free Halloween bunting (A4)

Using this free printable Halloween bunting:

  • This bunting works best with small holes. Around 1/8 inch is a good size. I used a small handheld hole punch to create the holes. Handheld hole punches make it easier to get the hole exactly where you want it.
  • I strung my bunting up with some jute twine for a nice rustic look.
  • This bunting works best printed on some heavy paper/light cardboard (around 200gsm is a good bet). The extra strength of the cardboard helps reduce creases and keep the bunting from flapping around too much (useful if you’re in a part of the world warm enough to still warrant open windows!)
  • I recommend you glue the autumn watercolour leaves to the back of your letters before you punch holes. Regular glue will work just fine.

Pinnable image for free printable Halloween bunting post


The pumpkins and line art leaves are by frimufilms @

The watercolour leaves are by freepik

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