16 neutral Halloween home decor items (that are actually affordable!)

16 neutral Halloween home decor items (that are actually affordable!)

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Halloween is just around the corner. For me, this means two things. Firstly, having “Monster Mash” stuck on a seemingly endless loop in my head. Secondly, wasting to much time window shopping looking online for affordable Halloween home decor. In my quest I’ve found some super cute and affordable neutral Halloween home decor items that I want to share with you all today!

16 affordable neutral Halloween home decor items

1: The Vampire Bats of Castle Barbarosa Wall Sculptures – Set of 2

Picture of two metal bats

LinkPrice: $15.90

I’m going to admit right off the bat (haha, get it, because they’re bats….never mind, ignore me) that I I honestly think bats are one of the cutest animals. If you want to procrastinate and have your ovaries explode from cuteness at the same time, watch this baby bat video.


I love the gargoyle-like appearance of these Halloween bat wall sculptures. They’re made with real crushed stone, which I think is pretty nifty! They’d look amazing on a Halloween feature wall or as an outdoor decoration.

2: Hosley 12″ High Clear Glass & Iron, Classic Style Lantern. Ideal Gift for Festivities, Parties, Weddings, Aromatherapy and LED Spa Settings

Picture of a metal lantern

Link / Price: $19.99

Lanterns are one of my favourite home decor items. They can be dressed up in so many different ways to suit the current season or holiday.

This lantern, made from real metal and glass, is a great neutral Halloween home decor item. It can be used as-is or draped in some fake spider web for an extra creepy look. Once Halloween is over, remove the fake web, add some holly or bells, and you’ve got yourself a cute Christmas lantern!

3: Design Toscano The Raven’s Perch Halloween Gothic Decor Wall Sculpture, 18 Inch, Polyresin, Full Color

Picture of a metal raven perched on a log

Link / Price: $38.68

I love using birds in my decorating in general and Halloween is no exception. This raven, made from quality designer resin, adds an instant gothic horror vibe to your Halloween home decor.

4: Readaeer Life Size Replica Realistic Human Skull Head Bone Model

Picture of a human skull

Link Price: $14.99

Skulls and skeletons are one of those quintessentially Halloween motifs. This skull would look great on a shelf or mantlepiece, or as part of a Halloween vignette displayed on a tiered tray. (If you’re looking for a farmhouse-style tiered tray, check out this gorgeous galvanised tray or this rustic wooden tray).

5: Martha Stewart 30034328 Halloween Chipboard Bat Die Cuts Decor, Black/Gray

Picture of nine die cut bats for neutral Halloween home decor

Link / Price: $4.99

Another bat-related item because, well, bats are super cute. (Maybe I’m secretly bat woman and have a vested interest in promoting a positive image of bats to the world?)

With 9 in each packet, you could use these chipboard bats in any number of Halloween craft projects. Alternatively, you could stick a little blu-tack to the back of each bat then secure them to your wall to create some easy-to-remove Halloween wall art.

6: Factory Direct Craft Sculpted Look Wood Crow on Wooden Spindle for Primitive or Halloween Displays

Picture of a crow sitting atop a spindle in black

LinkPrice: $12.99

This pretty crow would look great paired with some old-fashioned candles to create a super spooky Halloween mantlepiece.

7: IMOSA Halloween Realistic Handmade Crow Prop 3 Pack

Picture of three black artificial Halloween ravens

Link / Price: $22.99

Coming in a pack of three, these crows are another great neutral Halloween home decor idea! They have bendable wires on their feet to allow for temporary attachment to fences, furniture, branches, stair railings, or chair backs, meaning you can use them pretty much anywhere you want.

8: Stonebriar Rustic 12 Inch Wooden Candle Lantern, Vintage Wood & Metal Design 

Picture of a rustic wooden lantern to use as neutral Halloween home decor

Link / Price: $26.99

Another super versatile farmhouse-style lantern! Drape fake spider web over the top or place a small pumpkin inside for an instant Halloween look. When Christmas arrives, repurpose the lantern into rustic Christmas decor by adding tinsel or holly.  The lantern is made from lightly distressed wood, metal, and clear glass and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

9: Rattan and Jute 8 Inch Harvest Tabletop Pumpkin

Picture of a rattan and jute pumpkin with a small autumn leaf

Link / Price: $17.95

Pumpkins are another one of those super versatile home decor items. They can be used for fall decor, as neutral Halloween home decor, and as part of your Thanksgiving decorating. Display this super cute rattan and jute pumpkin on your tabletop or mantlepiece for a country-style Halloween look.

10: Vintage Human Skeleton Patent Print – Set of Four 8×10 Photos Wall Decor – Anatomical Medical Art

Picture of four vintage anatomical medical drawings

Link / Price: $12.97

I’ve always found vintage medical drawings to be super creepy. Maybe it’s because I associate them with the “crazed doctor performing torturous experiments” archetype. In any case, these vintage medical prints would look great displayed together as part of a Halloween gallery wall.

11: besttoyhome 12 PCS Assorted Sizes Rustic Harvest White Artificial Pumpkins 

Picture of a group of white artificial Halloween pumpkins

Link / Price: $23.99

I may or may not have squealed when I saw these adorable pumpkins. Look how cute they are! They’d look amazing paired with some autumn leaves as part of a neutral Halloween table setting.

12: The Royal Standard Grapevine Pumpkin Small 5.5 x 6 Inch Rustic Harvest Tabletop Figurine

Picture of a rustic farmhouse style rattan pumpkin

Link / Price: $13.95

This cute little pumpkin would add a touch of rustic harvest charm to any Halloween-themed table decorations.

13: Cast Iron CandleStick Candle Holder Grape Leaf Art Nouveau

Picture of an old fashioned candlestick

Link / Price: $13.99

Cast iron candlestick holders are a great way to add a gothic horror feel to your Halloween decor. What I like about this candlestick is that it has an adjustable length, meaning you can display it short one Halloween and then tall the next!

14: Aokbean Mixed Set of 30 Large Skeleton Keys in Antique Bronze – Set of 30 Keys

Picture of an assortment of skeleton keys in bronze

Link / Price: $7.99

Though not typically associated with Halloween, skeleton keys have an awesome gothic horror vibe which makes them well suited to creepy decor! You could thread these keys on to a rope for a simple Halloween bunting, or use them to decorate candy bags. These skeleton keys come in a number of different finishes including bronze, pewter, silver, and copper.

15: Cast Iron Claw Foot Candle Holders in Antique Finish

Picture of cast iron claw foot candle holders for Halloween

Link / Price: $21.99

Whenever I look at these candle holders, I imagine myself in ye olde times holding one up to explore a creepy dark castle. Maybe that’s just me.

16: Prextex 30” Halloween Skeleton- Full Body Halloween Skeleton with Movable Joints for Best Halloween Decoration

Picture of a fake skeleton

Link / Price: 14.99

Halloween just isn’t complete without a creepy skeleton! The aged finish on this skeleton makes it perfect for vintage Halloween decor!

What are your neutral Halloween home decor must-haves? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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