Update an old wall mirror using chalk paint

Update an old wall mirror using chalk paint

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A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a somewhat dated but otherwise beautiful ornate mirror at the op shop (thrift store/charity shop). The moment I picked it up, I could tell it was well made – the mirror had a certain ‘heaviness’ and sturdiness to it that cheaply made products just don’t have. I decided to buy the mirror and see if I couldn’t give it a new lease on life with a little chalk paint. Despite the fact that I had 0 experience updating mirrors, I’m super pleased with how this DIY mirror update turned out!

How to update an old wall mirror using chalk paint

To update an old wall mirror you will need:

Step 1: Apply your white chalk paint base

To begin, apply a thin coat of white chalk paint to the entire mirror. I used this chalk paint. Leave to dry according to the instructions on the tin.

How to update an old wall mirror - Painting mirror with chalk paint base

Once your first coat is dry, apply a second coat of chalk paint, making sure there are no spots of the old colour peeking through.

Step 2: Apply your grey chalk paint

When your second coat of base colour is mostly dry, it’s time to apply some grey chalk paint! I used this grey chalk paint.

Woman holding a hog brush to apply chalk paint to old mirror

To do this, dip a completely dry hog hair brush into your chalk paint. Dab it a few times on a rag to remove excess paint, especially any big blobs.

Dab a little paint on to your mirror. Then, use the bristles of your brush to fade/blend the grey chalk paint into the white chalk paint. Use both dabbing motions and circular motions to vary the effect (imagine you’re poking your worst enemy in the eye, it’s very cathartic). Repeat all over the mirror.

Woman using hog hair brush to apply grey chalk paint to upcycled mirror

When you’re done, you’ll have something like this:

Mirror after application of grey chalk paint

(Please excuse my filthy drop cloth. I enjoy forgetting that it’s outside when it rains.)

Step 3: Apply antiquing glaze

Once your grey chalk paint is completely dry, apply antiquing glaze to your mirror.

Antiquing glaze is hard to find in Australia so I make my own and apply it using a particular technique. If you have commercial glaze, apply according to the instructions on the tin.

Applying antiquing glaze to repurposed mirror

Step 4: Apply a protective top coat

To ensure your mirror is protected, apply a protective top coat according to the instructions on the tin. A matt top coat works best. Leave to dry.


Once your protective top coat is dry, your chalk paint mirror is finished!

Have you updated an old mirror before? If you have, how did it go? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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